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[17] love the way you lie..

guys, I really hope you like them but if not it's ok! oh and I forgot to ask but I think they are all shereable, right? let me know if not :) 




dixon  - nina dobrev, flyleaf, angel

 strodes - Jersey Shore, Zac Efron

 intrepidy  - Doctor Who , stock

 juliahearts - taylor momeson

mossharts - elizabeth, heathers, kate winslet & lindsay lohan

poshing  - joseph gordon levitt, adam lambert ,sophia bush

 butterflybbe  - Nina Dobrev, Katherine (tvd), Taylor Momsen

overthedreams  - candice swanepoel, emma watson, vanessa hudgens

fallenangel3006  - skins

momentsofheaven  - the runaways, eclipse, Luke Pasqualino

dudette_in_town   - Pretty Little Liars, Adam Lambert

hiddenbeats   - emma roberts, amanda seyfried, nina dobrev, true blood

ledighet  -  yeah yeah yeahs, emily haines, florence+themachines, natasha khan, a fine frenzy

tiffymoo  - gemma ward, merlin

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Tags: !type: icons, band: florence and the nachine, band: flyleaf, band: yeah yeah yeahs, female: a fine frenzy, female: amanda seyfried, female: candice swanepoel, female: emily haines, female: emma roberts, female: emma watson, female: gemma ward, female: kate winslet, female: lindsay lohan, female: natasha khan, female: nina dobrev, female: sophia bush, female: taylor momsen, female: vanessa hudgens, male: adam lambert, male: joseph gordon-levitt, male: luke pasqualino, male: zac efron, movie: eclipse, movie: elizabeth, movie: heathers, movie: the runaways, requests, stock, tv: angel, tv: jersey shore, tv: merlin, tv: pretty little liars, tv: skins, tv: the vampire diaries, tv: true blood
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